During the implementation project of Accure solutions and the development of new products and services, we divide these into three different levels, based on how complex the product / service is to implement;

  • Complex products – projects / products & services (tailormade according to Accure way) (Document Implementation Process, DIP for implementation following the three phases: Analyze, Build, Connect)
  • Semi-complex products / services – projects / products & services (AOS for M3) (Onboarding according to the three step onboarding methodology: SignUp, SetUp, StartUp )
  • Simple services – signs up can be done online with self-service, service gateway services available for all Accure Business Cloud applications; eInvoice, EDI/EDifact, Print & post, Cloud print, Fax, SMS, Cloud archive

The implementation of the products can be divided according to;

  1. Complex – customizations / tailormade solutions
  2. Semi-complex – standardized implementation, e.g. onboarding in 60 minutes for M3CE
  3. Simple implementations – self-service, where the customer can create an account in MyABC and start using the services without the involvement of Accure.

The implementation of AOSCE for M3CE is usually large complex projects with very special solutions and is usually classified as Complex. If it is simpler implementations (smaller M3 customers, few operational countries) then these can be classified as semi-complex implementations and in the future we will deliver these as Simple implementations as we have standards with guidelines and routines developed for the implementation that the Cloud Onboarding Specialist, COS can use.

E.g. an HR solution implementation with Accure Contract Manager, ACM is classified as Complex implementation, Accure Marketing Manager as Semi-complex today, but the idea with both of these ABC services is the development of a standard service that will fall under Simple implementations in the future during 2022.

We have four different business areas today at Accure

1 – Consultancy services & support on third-party solutions and own products with customizations (customer-financed development / tailormade solutions) according to Accure Way on-premise and Accure Application Cloud development. Well-defined and clear three-step projects according to our project model Document Implementation Project, DIP (Analyze, Build, Connect), which has been developed during hundreds of implementations of document management solutions.
We are a direct service partner to Infor on OpenText products (third party) and Infor Document Manager, IDM and deliver Consultancy service & support in EMEA, as well as compliment solutions to Movex / M3 customers for Output Management. ABC Service Gateway services, which is also where we have found our niche historically. 
​​​​​​​2 – Product development of new products and services, new packaged services (Complex, Semi-complex and Simple) and products in need of implementation projects.
3 – Process and business development at Customers with a focus on automation and digitization
4 – Cloud services within ABC (primarily ABC for M3) with operational support and the right price / performance for the target group.

We are offering Outsourced Output Management to Infor M3 customers where we take full responsibility for the solution 24/7. Accure Output Solution, AOS is the base of the Output Management solution and includes an Transaction Gateway with premade adapters that can receive any Movex / M3 file, Document Rendering Engine, RE with Document Content package for ERP, Rule Engine to setup business and document output rules and an Service Gateway with premade services (eInvoice, eMail, Print & post, Cloud Print, FAX, SMS, Archive). We can also offer AOS as a hybrid solution where we install AOS on-premise and use ABC for Service Gateway. 

We also have the following ABC applications today

  • Report Manager, ARM (Infor sells this product as an OEM product under the name M3 report manager, MRM that can be installed on-premise or be used in their Singel Tenant, private cloud)
  • Label Manager
  • Cloud Label
  • Marketing Manager (beta)
  • Contract Manager (under development, planned to be released Q1 2022)

Peter Sandersnäs, Accure 2021