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Much of your interaction with customers and partners is based on output from your business-critical systems. For instance, your Enterprise Resource Planning system handles invoices, receipts, contacts, quotes and more, all crucial to your business. Yet, it has potential that developers generally ignore. Potential that makes a real difference to your business and brand. Accure products refine raw system output into a real business asset.

Accure Business Cloud (ABC) with Accure CloudSuite for M3 (ACS4M3) makes it possible to use M3 cloud edition or on-premise with Accure CloudSuite for all output from M3.

ACS4M3 uses M3 HTTPS adapter direct from M3 to ABC for all M3 versions with all business documents, reports and labels. M3xml and/or M3 StreamFiles (STMF) is supported for all versions and pre-made adapters is used to receive the files from M3. M3xml and StreamFiles can be used in the same solution at the same time, using the same documents, reports and labels.

ACS4M3 can also use all ION files as input

ACS4M3 supports 91 markets and 42 languages, 24/7

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Intelligent Document Management

The smart document solution for M3 users, fully compatible with Infor Document Management. A rule-based engine ensures that all your M3 document output is compliant with your customer’s business rules.

Cloud transformation for Infor/M3

Are you an M3 user and keen to move on to the cloud? Does the process seem daunting? As an Infor Preferred Delivery partner, we know how to make it effortless.

ABC Dynamic Cloud Print

Print documents from your ERP or other business-critical system on any printer anywhere in your organization, in the cloud and on local networks.

Our products are developed in Azure using the latest top-notch technologies second to none in our industry and looking beyond the cloud boundaries that might exist for other solutions.

Head of Development

We are very proud of our expert staff that help our global customers every day in their challenges with output and customer communication tasks. We want to be the best company for consultant in our industry.

Consultant Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the industry we know what kind of regulatory compliance rules that apply for global companies. We as company want to do a difference and are focusing in sustainable solutions.

Managing Director

I am proud to announce that our new cloud-based enterprise output & customer communication platform is ready for service. Combining these areas in one technical solution using for example advanced rule engines & AI will give our customers business opportunities maybe never seen before.

Business Success Manager – Cloud Operation

Customers are always in focus at Accure. We are a different company where customer care is something we have in our DNA. You are always welcome to contact us for getting a piece of advice or advanced technical help!

Support Manager

With our product portfolio and extremely fast onboarding process for customers, we are inviting partners all over the world to join our Accure journey. With highly skilled partners globally we can ensure that we are always present on each market. As Infor Preferred Partner we help M3 customers globally.

Business Success Manager – Accure

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Document Manager

Market Manager

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Dynamic Cloud Print