Say hello to Accure CloudSuite for M3

Best Total Cost of Ownership in the M3 output world

Business problems around output

TCO of your output management, surprisingly high !

  • Total cost for owning just output, short term but also long term

  • More complex and expensive to implement and govern and always experienced too late

  • Software architecture and scalability (hardware / software costs) more expensive than expected

Support of an agile business environment

  • Costly and time-consuming administration of documents of all kinds, set-up not to mention mass changes or keeping up with regulatory requirements and local demands

More and more need for user-based access and monitoring and self service

  • Monitoring and signaling, what happened? Did it work?

  • Tracking and tracing when things go wrong?

More and more complexity around your own information in a multi-channel environment

  • Secure correct information and correct distribution about your products anywhere and everywhere

  • Internet of things, information exists everywhere

Our three pillars 

Accure CloudSuite for M3 Three pillars

Best Total Cost of Ownership in the M3 output world

Accure CloudSuite for M3 is Cloud native. Designed & developed in the cloud for using all the possibilities available in the cloud. It is a multi-tenant solution with 24/7/365 operational support as standard. It can be used for all M3 versions, on-premise and cloud edition simultaneously .

Accure CloudSuite for M3 has full access to all Microsoft logical apps and Office365 integrations, advanced e-mail with delivery control, SharePoint, OneDrive etc. You can let Accure handle everything our use our self service portal to design, control and trace everything regarding documents, reports and labels from M3.

The design philosophy is based on three pillars


Intelligent engine for mapping and layouts

  • Genius common inhouse XML for all output mapping

  • Standard design elements for all output

  • Rules & configuration instead of coding/scripts

Cloud proven technologies

  • Azure certified

  • Natural extension of M3 CE  with secure and fast Https connection to M3 CE

  • Continues delivery of new features

30+ years of experience 

  • Webb based UX

  • Complete content package

  • Customer self service vs consult hours

Accure CloudSuite for M3 Cloud Native

– Designed & Developed in the cloud for the cloud

3 step activation in less than 60 minutes, with everything you need of an Output Solution for M3, at a fixed price, monitored 24/7/365, with continuous development and new features delivered every week. 



  • Free setup of a TEST Tenant within 60 minutes in Accure Multi-tenant Cloud (TEST is always FREE of charge)

  • HTTPS adapter from M3CE

  • Adapters for M3xml, StreamFiles (STMF) and ION files in Accure Transaction Gateway

  • REST API integration to M3 – IDM document archive

  • Cloud Print – printouts, automatic installation and updates on printer servers anywhere in the world

  • All M3 documents included in Content Package with over 120 documents today

  • Free upgrades for Content Package included (91 markets, 42 languages) in Accure marketplace

  • All M3 report available in Accure Cloud Report (PDF and Excel, local Print available as well)

  • Self service portal – let your superusers change document information themselves under control

  • Rule engine for setup of business rules for document

  • Track & trace of all transactions (document, reports, files and labels) with monitor and alerts

  • Service gateway for e-Invoice, EDI, Fax, SMS, eMail, Files, bank files etc.

  • 99.5% operational level as standard monitored 24/7/365 in Microsoft Azure

  • Locale in Western Europe (Microsoft Azure), multiple locales in Asia, US available upon request

Try it yourself!

Do you want to see for yourself what Accure CloudSuite for M3 can do for you?

Accure Business Cloud (ABC) with Accure CloudSuite for M3 (ACS4M3) makes it possible to use M3 cloud edition or on-premise with Accure CloudSuite for all output from M3.

ACS4M3 uses M3 HTTPS adapter direct from M3 to ABC for all M3 versions with all business documents, reports and labels. M3xml and/or M3 StreamFiles (STMF) is supported for all versions and pre-made adapters is used to receive the files from M3. M3xml and StreamFiles can be used in the same solution at the same time, using the same documents, reports and labels.

ACS4M3 can also use all ION files as input

ACS4M3 supports 91 markets and 42 languages, 24/7