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Refine your raw document output

Most enterprises and organization use various types of digital information processing systems for… well, just about everything. CRM’s for customer interactions, POS systems for retail sales, ERP systems for all business processes, banking systems, accounting software plus a myriad of specialized digital tools.

What they all have in common is that they output large amounts of raw data, of various types and in various formats. Business-critical information that needs to reach the relevant recipient in a digestable form through the right channel, even if it originates from more than a single system. And it needs to be stored securely, while maintaining easy access.

The tools in the unique Accure Business Cloud solution offers all this, and more. They allow you to create and enrich documents from any source, as well as combine data from several sources, always with full overview and control. All transactions are traceable. Since the service is already up and running, integration costs and onboarding time are minimal, and the TCO very competitive indeed.

EOM Products

Accure Business Cloud hosts an ever-expanding range of Enterprise Output Management tools.

ABC Document Manager allows you to organize, consolidate, enrich, design and format the document output from your ERP, sales or other business systems, regardless of source. Conform with your client’s business rules and requirements and add design element to support your corporate profile. ABC Document Manager turns your document output into a business asset.

ABC Archive offers secure document archiving with quick and easy retrieval. Store any type of document in our cloud vault or any other external system or location of your choice, conforming to your business rules and security policy.

ABC Market Manager unleashes the marketing potential of your ERP, CRM system or any other business system. Create marketing messages and add design elements effortlessly and distribute through the channel of your choice.

And more. New products and tools are continuously added to the ABC ecosystem.

Try it yourself!

Do you want to see for yourself what Accure’s EOM products can do for your operation?

Our unique cloud-based ABC products turn the raw output of your ERP or other business-critical system into an agile business tool. Save time and money, streamline your communications, archive documents securely, strengthen your brand using powerful document design tools, and more. All with the convenience and security of true cloud computing. Simply genius.