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Omnichannel document distribution made easy

Documents can be distributed in many different ways, from paper postage via fax to various forms of pure electronic distribution. Different customers and partners require or prefer different channels, so it is seldom possible to distribute all documents using only a single one. The result is extra work, unwieldy administration, and possible confusion, putting your brand and business relations at risk. ABC Service Gateway offers a single, easy to use and flexible gateway for all your document distribution needs. A great Customer Communication Management (CCM) strategy aid, providing full control through our rule engine and AI tool. It will save you money, time, and make your business more agile.


ABC Service Gateway offers a single, simple solution to omnichannel document distribution. Simultaneous distribution of one document through several channels according to the recipient’s preferences and business rules, all controlled by our sophisticated rule engine for full compliance.

Flexible email distribution: use standard email, email with delivery confirmation or an email solution adapted to individual recipients. Mailboxes can be provided to your customers. Send faxes without access to a fax service or hardware. Distribute text and MMS messages as well as postage mail at favorable rates. International EDI messages are easily distributed without the need for integration with complex external services, and digital signature handling is included.

Cloud printing to any type of printer is included. The service is supported by Distribution IQ, a cutting-edge AI-based system to help you with your distribution options, while a web dashboard feature provides a full overview of all transactions.

Our unique cloud-based ABC products turn the raw output of your ERP or other business-critical system into an agile business tool. Save time and money, streamline your communications, archive documents securely, strengthen your brand using powerful document design tools, and more. All with the convenience and security of true cloud computing. Simply genius.

At a glance

  • A single gateway to all distribution channels
  • Simultaneous multichannel distribution
  • Favorable SMS, MMS and postage rates
  • Tailored secure email distribution, incl customer digital mailboxes
  • Fax distribution without the need for hardware
  • Trouble-free global EDI distribution with one single integration
  • Dynamic cloud printing
  • AI-based support
  • Rule engine ensures business and security rule compliancy
  • Web dashboard for distribution overview
  • Handles digital document signatures in connection with distribution
  • Part of Accure Customer Management (CCM) offering

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