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Communications with customers, partners and authorities is at the heart of any business or organization. They encompass everything from orders, invoices and various business notifications to product information and announcements, as well as marketing materials. And there are several possible communications channels and media available: print, email, SMS, web content and more.
Accure Business Cloud’s expanding range of CCM products make customer communication faster, less time-consuming and more streamlined. They ensure delivery to the correct person through any distribution channel, with full traceability. All communications are stored and checked using the relevant business rules. You avoid costly integration and only ever pay for what you actually use. Also, communications tailored to the recipient’s requirements is a good way improve both customer service and loyalty.

CCM products

ABC Service Gateway offers seamless omnichannel document distribution straight from your ERP, CRM or other business-critical system. Documents can be distributed according to the recipient’s business rules and requirements through any channel, including print mail, fax as well as text and MMS messages. It also offers easy international EDI message distribution and cloud printing features are included.

ABC Dynamic Cloud Print offers an eminently practical and elegant way of distributing paper documents. Simply send them directly to the recipient’s printer in digital form, eliminating the need for manual work and postage costs, as well as saving time. Any internet-connected printer can be added to the printer cloud and set up and managed from a single, easy-to-use web interface.

And more. New products and tools are continuously added to the ABC ecosystem.

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Our unique cloud-based ABC products turn the raw output of your ERP or other business-critical system into an agile business tool. Save time and money, streamline your communications, archive documents securely, strengthen your brand using powerful document design tools, and more. All with the convenience and security of true cloud computing. Simply genius.