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Turn you document output into a real business asset

Invoices, orders, receipts, contracts, agreements, documentation… your ERP and other business critical system outputs a constant stream of documents, most of them important or even crucial to the smooth running of your business. Usually, that document stream is too raw and disorganized to provide maximum utility for your business, adding extra time-consuming work in the process. Accure Business Cloud’s Document Manager addresses this problem. With it, the output from your ERP, sales or other business system will become less of a source of overhead and cost, and more of a true business asset.


Create and format documents of any type according to your and your clients’ requirements and business rules and add design elements to support your brand. A structured step-by-step document creation process ensures security and consistency.

Enrich documents with data from other sources, edit them, finalize them to the file format you need and deliver them automatically via Accure Business Cloud. Composer, our intuitive web-based user interface, makes the job a breeze and any design can be reused or saved as a template. Information from different sources can easily be consolidated into the same document and there is full support for international settings. 

Each document is traceable through its entire lifecycle and a web-based dashboard will provide an overview and put all documents at your fingertips.

Our unique cloud-based ABC products turn the raw output of your ERP or other business-critical system into an agile business tool. Save time and money, streamline your communications, archive documents securely, strengthen your brand using powerful document design tools, and more. All with the convenience and security of true cloud computing. Simply genius.

At a glance

  • Archive any type of document from your ERP or similar business critical system
  • Cloud-based or local network archiving support
  • Internal or third-party archiving solutions supported
  • Fast, easy to use and secure archiving accessible through web-based interface or file management clients
  • Part of Accure´s Enterprise Output Management (EOM) offering

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