Genius M3 document management

Intelligent Document Management

Easy to use, powerful features

Accure’s Intelligent Document Management is an easy and powerful way of managing the document output from your Infor M3 installations. The service features full support for Infor Document Management and all document types and output formats. A genius way of refining and add business value to your M3 installation.


Accure IDM is fully compatible with Infor Document Management and supports more than 800 Infor/M3 document types. It also handles all M3 output formats, like Stream files + XML. Any mix of output formats is also supported.

To ensure that your documents are compliant with your customer’s business rules, a rule-based business engine is included. Full support for anything and everything realated to EOM and ECM is provided, all accessible from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Regardless if you run Infor/M3 in the cloud, in a hybrid solution or locally on your premises – a genius output solution is always available.


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