At Accure we always investigate new technologies and how we ca apply them in our CloudSuite for document. AI has certainly made a lot of our work easier and we are finding new ways to apply it every day.

One thing I’m really interested in is the Document Intelligent Studio in Microsoft Azure and especially the Form Recognizer. In our CloudSuite for M3, ACS4M3 we support 42 languages in 91 markets and has a Content Package for all M3 versions to handle this. We mainly work with business documents, reports and labels, not that much with Forms, except in transportation and customs document. But this technology might be applied to business documents as well for document mapping, creation and delivery.

Another extremely interesting area is data mapping and document conversions when we convert other document solutions to our CloudSuite and we can save many days, or even weeks of work already. I believe we will be able to revolutionize the are during 2024, so keep an eye open for news from Accure Business Cloud and CloudSuite for M3.

I put together some links for interesting webinars about Document Management in Azure, using Microsoft Cloud apps and AI, see below.

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