M3 Report manager, MRM was launched mid-2014 and has been on the market for 10 years now. MRM is sold by Infor as an OEM solution, developed by Accure. There are more that 400 MRM licenses sold to M3 customers globally today.

MRM has been a great success and approximately 25% of all M3 customers globally are using it today. Among the MRM customers you find companies in all types of business’ such as Mitsubishi, Hertz, Preem, Sandvik, Ellos, Eldon, Australasian Steel, Atlas Copco, IKEA, SKF, Kavli, Helly Hansen, Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior.

MRM was developed to solve a problem; “to find reports in Infor’s ERP system M3”, where there are more than 800 reports that can be selected for 91 different markets and in 42 languages. Accure has developed MRM to solve this problem where it’s possible to search for reports, configure them and deliver them using Accure Service Gateway, with connections to Accure CloudSuite. Accure CloudSuite is a multi-Tenant cloud solution that can be used to receive, configure and deliver any document, labels, forms and reports needed for an ERP system. Accure have served over 500 M3 customers globally for the last 20 years, and many of them are using Accure CloudSuite for M3 for document management with Infor M3 CloudSuite.

M3 CloudSuite

Infor have made a decision to focus om M3 CloudSuite (M3CS) in the future instead of M3 on-premise, and Accure have developed the Accure Cloud Report (ACR) service, a part of the Accure CloudSuite for M3, ACS4M3 package, to replace MRM for the M3CS customers. Accure has also setup a service for MRM customers to download the application from Accure Business Cloud, ABC to make the installation easier with automatic updates of updates, patches and new features. It is also possible to use ACR as a substitute to MRM if M3CS is used.

M3 StreamFiles vs M3 xml files

MRM made it possible to use M3 StreamFiles (STMF) and M3 Ad-Hoc Xml files as input to MRM. The installation is easy and can be done by the customers themselves. MRM creates output (reports) as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel files with “true dates and numerical values” based on the locale the recipient is using, i.e. the language and format set on the PC (for excel, PDF is created by the system settings), It is possible to add data to the reports by mapping the input files and change the layout (add, remove columns) and add simple functions (scripts) to the reports.

Note: ACR only uses M3xml and not STMF. While Infor Document Manager, IDM for on-premise customers doesn’t use M3xml (there is no M3xml developed in InforOS for M3 on-premise), so they have to use MRM for reports on-premise or StreamServe.

To get an MRM download Tenant – https://onboarding.accu.re/request/access 
Download application and installation instructions – https://onboarding.accu.re/