A form is made to facilitate handling and to reduce the risk of incorrect/unnecessary/missing information. The form is devided and it says what must be filled in, in the different fields.

What are forms used for?

  • Applications for, for example, permits from authorities, such as buildning permits.
  • Reports of various kinds, such as quality deviations whitin a company.
  • If you want to contact a company, for example to request a quote.

A form is an easy way to collect information. You can share the form with a link, QR code or send an email with the form to the person who will fill it in.


A report is a written summary of information that has been collected and analyzed. Reports can be created for a variety of purposes, such as reporting results, presenting facts or recommending actions.

They acn be used in many similar areas for different purposes. For example, a company can be used to report on the company’s permformances, budget or marketing strategies. Then there are also scientific reports that can be used to present results from a research study or a health/medical report that can be used to describe a patient’s health condition and treatment.

Reports can contain different parts and are usually formal and structured. They are used to give the reader a deeper understanding of the subject and help them make decisions or take actions.

Business document

Business document can be, for axample, invoices, price and quoatations. They are therefore documents that contains information partly for the company’s own operations and partly for the cmpany’s external contacts.

Most often, the business document is part of the marketing and the company’s face. The content can also be the basis for the agreeements that company concludes with customers, suppliers and others.

Examples of business documents

  • Quotation/tender
  • Order confirmation
  • Invoice
  • Payment reminder


Labels are lika small informational notes or stickers used to identify or categorize different items. They acan contain both text, symbols or other identifying marks that help distinguish one product or another.

Tehy can be used for small or large purposes, for example to identify goods, services and products such as in stores or in stock. Lables can also be used to describe products such as price or other relevant information, but they can be used to mark things on products or items.

With that said, labels are small marks used to identify and organize different objects or information.