Skip the paper-based Giro application process and switch to eGiro instead. An application with eGiro, only takes a few minutes instead of days or maybe even weeks. There is a difference between an electronic Giro and autogiro. It means that you recieve an electronic invoice that you approve before the money is withdrawn from the account, unlike autogiro where the money is withdrawn directely fwith a power of attorney.

With eGiro you avoid:

  • Long processing times
  • Manual work
  • Mistake
  • Delays

With the help of an automated control process, the chance of mistakes is reduced. It is also cheaper with an electronic giro.

It is easier

It is more efficient because there is no need for manpower, paper handling or any physical copies of the documents. It also more friendly for the environment. In addition, you can track your customer’s eGiro from the beginning, which gives you a better overview. As soon as your eGiro has been configured, you can start receiving and sending.

Did you know that it also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint? The traditional giro requires you to send mail and thus use paper. An electronic Giro removes all this waste.

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