In 1843, Alexander Bain, a Scottish watchmaker and inventor, took out a patent for fax machines.

There are different types of fax machines. Among other things, it can be a good aid if, for example, papers need to be signed. There are still many people who use it despite today´s modern technology. For example, you can find this machine in many hospitals, municipal offices, health centers…

It it possible to fax via computer, either with a modem connected between the computer and the telephone line, or by e-mail to a fax service.

How does the fax work?

Today it usually consists of three parts: a scanner, a printer and a modem. The machine reads an image on a piece of paper that is first fed into a sending machine. It can be both an image or text, either written by hand or on a computer. There are also devices that both print, scan and copy, that is called “multifunction products”, “multifunction printers” or “MFPs”.

The paper in the machine can be of different types. It can be light-sensitive photo paper, aluminized paper (called teledeltos paper), thermal paper. The most modern are laser-type recievers, which are the same type as printers for computers, which print on plain paper.

Advantages of using it

  • If you have a document that needs to go quickly, you can fax it instead of paying for express shipping.
  • Easy and convenient to fax if it´s a document that needs to be sent on paper and cannot be sent by e-mail.

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