Einvoice is an invoice but in digital form. It contains exactly the same things as a regular invoice but in a structured electronic format. It’s quick, easy and minimizes errors as many of the tasks are already pre-filled. In addition, you receive your money faster.

There are several advantages of Einvoice:

  • You save time and you don’t have to print, frank or post invoices.
  • You get better control over your invoices.
  • Your customers receive your invoices faster.

The e-invoices you send to your customers enter directly into their accounting software and are automatically registered. But for it to work, your customers must have a program that can receive e-invoices.

There are also advantages for you who receive e-invoices.

With einvoices you avoid paper handling and it is also more friendly for the environment because no paper’s needed. It also becomes smoother and easier with e-invoices as a large part of the manual work with invoicing disappears and is automated with e-invoicing. You also don’t have to think about having to print the invoice, put it in an envelope and post it. It’s safer as the risk of input errors is reduced as all values are read directly into your financial program, including the supplier information.

It is quick and easy for the recipient to receive the einvoice. The recipient receives the invoice with the push of a button. As the sender of the invoice, you can also see that the recipient has received their invoice, which is not always possible when you post an invoice. Since you can keep track of whether the recipient has received the invoice, costs are also reduced with unnecessary crediting of reminder fees and collection costs that may otherwise have to be incurred.

You can collect the invoices in one place, which makes it easy to access all invoices.

ATTENTION! A PDF invoice does not count as an e-invoice. Inform your customers that you are switching to e-invoicing to double check so they have the option of receiving e-invoices.

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