API Version: 1


The format of the URI is https://abc-api-generic-<region>.accu.re/<version>/<service>
The API accepts HTTP POST with the payload in the message body.

Available regions

Available services

Example, using the ABC Document service in Eastern Asia:

https://abc-api-generic- ea.accu.re/v1/document


Each request is authorized by an API key. The API key is requested in MyABC at https://myabc.accu.re/onpremise/apitokens/transaction.

The key must be generated with the claim(s) corresponding the desired service(s).
The API key may be used in two ways, either in the HTTP header or via query string

When using query string the API key is entered as the full API key, i.e:

When using HTTP Header, use Basic authentication where username is your tenant ID and password
is the last section in the key: 12345:49649bf3-9629-4fd1-a86e-9bb63adb8292

This should then be Base64 encoded and the header will be:
Authorization: Basic MTIzNDU6MTIzNDUuNDk2NDliZjMtOTYyOS00ZmQxLWE4NmUtOWJiNjNhZGI4Mjky

Client Identification

Each client is identified in ABC with a client identifier. The client must be registered in ABC.
The client identifier may be used in two ways, either in the HTTP header or via query string:

URI example: https://abc-api-generic-ea/v1/document?client= ca19d2c1-1138-4756-9a60-fc40ca5aef68

Header example: X-Client: ca19d2c1-1138-4756-9a60-fc40ca5aef68

Content Type

Content type must be configured in the HTTP header.

Most common content types are application/xml, application/json or text/plain.
Header example: Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

Priority (optional)

Priority may for the transaction may be set.
The priority setting may be used in two ways, either in the HTTP header or via query string:

Accepted priority values are high, normal or low. Default value is normal.

URI example: https://abc-api-generic-ea/v1/document?priority=normal
Header example: X-Priority: normal

Redirection (optional)

Output from the transaction might be redirected to target another client than the one configured as
default in ABC. The target client is configured in the URI.


API Response

The API will respond with standard HTTP statuses, and a json object containing the ABC transaction
ID. The HTTP status message may contain further error information.

Response message body example:
{“Id”:”e640f095-3bc5-4d93-b683-f0de57a781a9″,”message”:”The request succeeded but requires further processing before it can be published.”}