To setup HTTPS communication between M3 Cloud Suite and Accure Cloud Suite for Output Management there are some simple things you need to configure in M3 and in MyABC.

Activate feature Toggle in CMS975 called “Open connection for third-party output management solutions (HTTPS)”

NB After you activated the Toggle you need to log out of M3 and login again so the options are loaded.

Configure MNS216 (see )

Login to MyABC

Configure Service Portal for receiving the M3xml in MyABC
Setup output to printers for Cloud Print, to direct all local PRINT to a local Transaction Client, TC on your printer server(s)

To setup output (media types in M3)

Setup Server id in MNS218

The Server address in MNS218 shold be:

Setup server in MNS204
Setup options for media types (MAIL, PRINT, FAX, FILE) in MNS205
Create a printout in M3 and see the result (Xml file) in MNS270 (replace for the old outqueue MNS206)

See the result in MyABC

Login to MyABC and see the result in the dashboard,
You see the document in “Document”, all transactions “Track and Trace” in History and the Document Archive in “Archive” or IDM archive in M3 if you use ABC REST integraiton to send documents to the archive in M3 Cloud Suite (IDM)

Peter Sandersnäs, Accure 2022-01-15