Hi all,

The new HTTPS connector between M3 Cloud Suite and Accure Cloud Suite is live since last weekend (roll out in progress, US will be last, should be live this week). This means that we can use a HTTPS adapter from M3CE direct to ABC and there will be no need for using the Cloud File Transfer, CFT anyomore. This will also mean that our customers will not need an virtual server in the cloud (or on-premise) for eceiving the Xml files from M3. We have an ongoing discussion with Infor to improve the integration even more and the wish list is long, but we take it one step at the time. We will keep you posted about the progress, and if you have any ideas for improvements, please let us know.

Configuration in M3
1. Communication type “5 – HTTPS Post” was introduced in ‘Output Service. Open’ (MNS216), which enables sending output files in XML format to external applications.

When selecting the new interface, the following information needs to be entered:
Server ID – contains the address to the server, maintained in ‘Output Server. Open’ (MNS218).
User – the user of the HTTPS authentication
Password – the password of the HTTPS authentication
Path – the path in the URL of the HTTPS communication
The new communication type is limited to interface XML

Link to Infor KB2212255 about HTTPS (login needed): https://icp.cloud.infor.com/infor/0ae209d9-10e1-4758-af45-fd8db5cb4269

Configuration in MyABC.accu.re

  1. Setup the client alias for receiving files from M3 HTTPS
  2. Setup the Transaction Client, TC for cloud print (installed on the printer server(s))

When setting up the adapter, the following information needs to be entered:

Syntax – path in M3:  /?c=A&p=n&k=api-key
c = Transaction Client    Client alias in MyABC
p = Job priority in ABC    n(Normal) / h (High) – You can change this in ABC later on if you like, it’s the default priority per HTTPS adapter from M3
k = api-key   key from myABC (check key in MyABC after client setup and update in M3)

NB! Path must start with a slash   ”/” and can be a maximum of 60 chars and there is no automatic control for that in M3, so double check

Peter Sandersnäs, Accure 2021-12-15