“Every Cloud engenders not a storm” 

W Shakespeare, Henry VI, pt 3, act 5

As so often, Shakespeare had the right idea. M3 cloud transformation for Output management does not have to become a perfect storm.

Downtime and glitches must be always avoided in any journey to the cloud since Output management for Infor M3 is at the heart of your business and we at Accure are extremely well equipped to support you with this.

We have a long and outstanding experience in securing that all communication from M3 via documents, forms, labels, reports in paper or electronically via various media works seamlessly with all business processes for your M3 CloudSuite 

Now we have introduced a global and cloud-based service for all M3 output management, including a unique transformation process for safe and fast move to the M3 CloudSuite for all your output management. 

It is key for a cloud journey that communication of business information towards customers, suppliers and employees never breaks. Documents, forms, labels, reports etc. are at heart of this, printed or in electronic format. It is also our experience that when in the cloud it becomes more important than ever before to be able to monitor when and what happens with the process and distribution of all this vital information. 

The Accure cloud solution for output management is a natural extension of the Infor M3 offered IDM solution and focuses on how you simply and best monitor and maintain the process and distribution of all this business-critical information. But it all starts with how you get there. The Accure proprietary migration process comes with a simple three step model which enables you to start within a day and includes templates for all standard documents but also enables you to re-use what you already have.At Accure, we act as the catalyst for a safe and effortless cloud transformation

Our offer

Accure Cloud Solution for M3, with an all inclusive package for M3 CloudSuite for 9 EURO/user/month – All inclusive (24/7/365 operational support) and startup with you own Tenant in less than 60 minutes

Cloud Native – Designed & Developed in the cloud for the cloud

All inclusive in detail

  • Free setup of a TEST Tenant within 60 minutes in Accure Multi-tenant Output Solution run in Microsoft Azure
  • HTTPS adapter direct from M3 cloud suite (developed and supported by Infor for Accure Advanced Output Solution, click here for more information
  • Adapters for M3xml, StreamFiles (STMF) and ION files in Accure Transaction Gateway
  • REST API integration to M3 cloud suite IDM document archive
  • Cloud Print – printouts, automatic installation and updates on printer servers anywhere in the world
  • All M3 documents included in Content Package with over 120 documents today
  • Free upgrades for Content Package included (91 markets, 42 languages)
  • All M3 reports available in Accure Cloud Report (PDF and Excel, local Print available as well)
  • Self service portal – let your superusers change document information themselves under control
  • Service gateway for e-Invoice, EDI, Fax, SMS, eMail, Files, bank files
  • 99.5% operational level as standard monitored 24/7/365 in Microsoft Azure
  • Locale in Western Europe included, multiple locales in Asia, US available upon request
  • Regional gateways for Cloud print in more than 20 locations all over the world (all M3 hubs served as well as Microsoft Azure locations)

update 2022-08-01 see Infor marketplace for more information https://market.infor.com/en-US/apps/375252/accure-cloud-for-m3